Solutions for bladder control problems.

Bladder control problems are much more common than you might think. And they can affect women of all ages. Many women also have relaxed muscles and structures around the pelvic organs. Because this is so personal, many women avoid telling their gynecologist doctor. They don’t realize just how common – or treatable – they are. But with the care of an understanding, sensitive, compassionate and skilled obstetrician-gynecologist, a leaky bladder can be repaired effectively and comfortably.

Whether you have frequent urges or you leak, you know how embarrassed you feel. Many women avoid social events or their favorite activities. They often feel badly about themselves. Bladder problems can be caused by aging, certain diseases, bodily defects and even some prescription medications.

Gynecology Doctors Akhter help you understand your problem, why you have it and how it can be treated. They look at the most proven and noninvasive solutions first. If you need more help, they might recommend a special procedure to support your bladder and help prevent accidental leakage while delivering a quick recovery time.

So stop living with embarrassment and anxiety. There’s a great chance we can correct your bladder problem with one of our advanced treatment options.

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