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Labor and Childbirth: Preparing to Go HomeEl parto y el nacimiento del bebĀ©: El regreso a casa

Labor and Childbirth: Preparing to Go Home

You may be anxious to go home as soon as possible. Before you and your baby go home, a healthcare provider will make sure that your baby has no health problems. You will also be checked to be sure you are healthy enough to take care of your baby and yourself.


Checking Baby's Health

A pediatrician or other healthcare provider will do a complete exam of your newborn. All babies are checked to rule out problems such as a dislocated hip or a heart murmur. A drop of blood may be taken to check for certain diseases. A hepatitis B vaccination may be given. The pediatrician will discuss the exam results with you and answer your questions. You may also schedule your baby's first office visit.


When You're Ready

You're ready to go home when:

  • You can walk to the bathroom without help.

  • You can eat solid food and swallow pain pills.

  • You have no sign of infection or other health problem, including fever.

Taking Baby Home

Most often you and your baby go home together. Your baby is ready to go home when:

  • The baby has no sign of a health problem.

  • He or she is eating well.

  • The baby's temperature is normal.

  • A government-approved car seat is properly installed in the car your baby will ride home in.

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