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Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy: Staying Smoke-free Throughout Your PregnancyDejar de fumar durante el embarazo: c³mo mantenerse alejada de los cigarrillos durante el embarazo

Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy: Staying Smoke-free Throughout Your Pregnancy

You've quit smoking because you're pregnant. At first, not smoking will be new and exciting. It's the best sort of change. People will congratulate you. You have a right to be proud, so enjoy it. But then what? How do you stay smoke-free when life goes back to normal? Plan ahead to fight temptation. Be aware of signs that warn of a slip.

"Quitting smoking has taught me a lot. I guess we all came out ahead."

Make Your Success Stronger

Get busy and build on your early success. List the benefits of staying smoke-free. Your list, like your life, will change. You're finding out who you are as a nonsmoker. Remember how smoking can affect your baby. Then ask yourself, "Which is more important-smoking, or my baby?"

Prepare to Be Tempted

You will be tempted. Tough times are still ahead. Get ready to resist your urge to smoke. You know the triggers: car trips, holidays, seeing friends who still smoke. The tips below can help you resist.

  • Talk to your baby.

  • Make your home a "Smoke-free Zone."

  • Make a list of all you can smell, taste, and do better since you quit smoking.

  • Pack a survival kit to take in the car.

  • When you eat out, go to smoke-free restaurants.

Heed Warning Signs

Ever daydream about smoking? Or go to risky places, like lunch with a group of smokers? These could be warning signs that you're headed for a slip. If you feel tempted to smoke, ask yourself when and why you feel this way.

HALT Your Desire!

Keep yourself from feeling too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.

  • Hungry? Fix yourself a healthy snack.

  • Angry? Try some slow, deep breathing.

  • Lonely? Visit a nonsmoking friend.

  • Tired? Kick off your shoes, take a nap.

If You Slip

If you do slip, it doesn't mean you're not quitting. Whether you sneak a smoke or boldly inhale, tell yourself you're no longer a smoker. A slip is not a relapse. Don't let all your hard work so far be lost. Find out why you lit up. Then make a new plan to help yourself be stronger.

Find Out Why You Slipped

A slip can be useful. If you're honest, the slip might tell you something. Do your best to answer these questions:

  • How did the cigarette taste?

  • How did your hands smell after you smoked?

  • What did you learn about being tempted?

  • Have you found a new trigger?

  • What can you do to avoid slips in the future?

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